Mildura Lawn Mowing and Gardening Services

Grass Cutting and Gardener Services to 'Keep Mildura Beautiful'

Lawn mowers and gardeners for Mildura's homes and businesses

Are you looking for a local gardener to help look after your green spaces? You’ve come to the right place. 

Our unique understanding of Mildura’s climate and conditions means that we can help your garden thrive all year round.

Our mission is to ‘Keep Mildura Beautiful’

Whether you’re looking for routine lawn mowing or a complete garden makeover, we’re committed to ‘Keeping Mildura Beautiful’, one garden at a time. All gardens and lawns both big and small, residential or commercial, hold the potential to be beautiful! 

Are you a homeowner wanting to create a backyard oasis, a business owner wanting to improve curb appeal or a property manager in need of regular maintenance for your rentals? Then our experienced gardeners can help.

Call us or fill out the form to get an no-obligation quote.  

Gardening for Mildura and Surrounds

 Our garden and lawn care services are offered throughout the region – from the residential areas of Mildura to rural properties of Merbein and beyond. Surrounding areas we service include:

Gardener and lawn mowing services to Keep Mildura Beautiful. Arieal view of beautiful Mildura, VIC.
  • Merbein
  • Red Cliffs
  • Irymple
  • Gol Gol
  • Birdwoodton
  • Cabarita
  • Nichols Point
  • Across the river to Buronga.
Our semi-arid climate can be tough on plants. We get the unique challenges of gardening in this region! With our local knowledge, we’re here to help gardens thrive and keep Mildura beautiful!

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Nothing says ‘well-cared-for home’ quite like a beautifully manicured lawn, right?

Keep your grass tidy with our regular lawn mowing service, available for residential and commercial lawns. We even offer ride-on mowing, great for larger properties.

Keep your green spaces in great condition with our gardening services. We offer a holistic gardening service with everything from hedge trimming and pruning to garden and grass slashing, and fertilising. Call us for a chat and we can figure out what your garden needs!

Do you feel like your battle with weeds is ongoing? Weeds affect the visual appeal of your garden but also compete with your other plants for nutrients, water and sunlight. With our weeding and spraying services to effectively control and prevent the growth of weeds your garden will look great and be healthier.

Gardener and lawn mowing service in Mildura and surroudning suburbs.
We can help control weeds with our gardening weeding and spraying service based in Mildura

Tree Services, Lopping and Removal

We love our trees and know that they’re such an important part of the landscape… but sometimes a tree poses a risk to people or property. Our professional tree-lopping service will ensure your tree is removed safely and quickly.

Yard Clean-Up and Rubbish Removal

No one likes coming home to a mess left by someone else, so we’ll always leave your garden in better condition than when we found it. Our yard clean-up and rubbish removal services, including the removal of garden waste, so your garden is always ready to be enjoyed. We can also help with removing other rubbish and debris from our garden.

Tree services, tree lopping and removal in Mildura
Mildura's Landscaper and Garden Designer will make your garden beautiful

When it comes to landscaping we want to create beautiful landscape designs that also support our local ecosystem. We can help in selecting suitable plant species that support local biodiversity and promote a healthier environment.

Do you want a garden that truly fits in with your lifestyle? Our landscapers listen to your ideas and give expert input – whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to refresh your existing garden. Let’s work together and create a garden design that you’ll love for years to come.

Mildura Gardening FAQs

Our gardeners maintain the trees, plants, shrubs and flowers in your garden, while a landscaper focuses on the overall design and creation of outdoor spaces. Our lawn mowing services keep your look lawn neat, but also ensure your lawn stays healthy.

You might need one or all of these services – give us a call to discuss your needs.

It’s easy – just call us for a chat and a no-obligation quote!

How long is a piece of string? But in all seriousness, the cost of hiring a gardener varies depending on what you require. Our gardening services start at $40 per hour, and our rates and project fees vary depending on the complexity, size of your garden, the tasks you’d like us to do and how often you would like us to provide services. Again, just contact us for a free quote tailored to your specific needs!

Our gardeners have one simple goal – to maintain the health and visual appeal of your garden! This is achieved through pruning, fertilising, planting, weeding, watering and even disease control. If you’d like, they can also provide advice on plant selection and garden planning!

It’s up to you! At Mildura Lawn & Garden Care, our services are flexible. You can hire our gardeners for a one-off occasion or on an ongoing basis. We do recommend a regular service though, as this helps to maintain your garden and lawn, both aesthetically and health-wise.

We mow all grassed areas, do the edging along paths and garden beds and clear away any clippings. Our service can be tailored to both smaller residential lawns and homes, through to large expanses. We also do commercial lawn mowing.

Regular mowing not only keeps your lawn looking tip top but actually also helps to improve the health of your lawn. It can even help prevent weeds from taking over. A manicured lawn hugely improves your property’s curb appeal.

The cost of a lawn mowing service depends on the size of your lawn, its condition and how often you’d like it mowed. Contact us for a free quote!

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