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Maintenance, fertilising, weeding, hedge trimming and pruning – we do it all!

Gardener Services and Maintenance in Mildura

At Mildura Lawn & Garden Care, we’re all about maintaining gardens by nurturing their diverse ecosystems. Our gardening services are available year round and help keep your garden healthy and beautiful.

Garden Maintenance

The key to a thriving garden is looking after it! We offer regular garden maintenance services that can be tailed to your garden’s unique needs. We are happy to tend to your garden a couple of times a week, weekly, fortnightly or even just once a month. We also work with our clients to do comprehensive garden maintenance, which you might choose to do just a couple of times a year. It’s really up to you, your preferences and your budget needs. Garden maintenance includes things like weeding, mulching, fertilising and watering. We’ll also keep an eye on your garden’s health, manage pests and diseases and provide our input on how to enhance the biodiversity of your garden.


As part of your garden maintenance service, we can take care of proper fertilisation, ensuring the specific nutrient needs of your plants is met. We use only high-quality fertilisers that enrich the soil and help make your plants happier!

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Hedge Trimming and Pruning

This essential service helps maintain the shape, health and growth of your plants. Regular pruning promotes healthy growth and reduces the chance of your plants getting a disease. We’ll trim your hedges well, prune your plants to promote good health, all while improving your garden’s aesthetic appeal.

Garden and Grass Slashing

Sometimes life gets in the way and our garden gets overgrown and unmanageable before we’ve even realised. No judgement from our team of gardeners, we know how easy it is to let your garden maintenance get on top of you! Grass and garden slashing is a great service that allows us to get in and restore your garden to a manageable state very quickly. For larger rural blocks, grass slashing makes your home safer. On these properties, regular mowing might not be feasible. When we slash long grass and vegetation, it helps to reduce the risk of fires and pests.

Mildura Lawn and Garden Care trimming and pruning
Hedge trimming in Mildura

Ready to Hire a Gardener?

Remember, our services can be engaged on a one-off basis, but regularly maintaining your garden is the key to having it thrive. You might be wondering if you can hire a gardener for just one day, and the answer is YES! Get us in for a single service or schedule us in for ongoing garden care. Regardless of your choice, we provide the same caring, professional service to all our customers.

The cost of hiring our gardeners does vary, and this comes down to what you need done, the size and condition of your garden. We will provide you with a quote upfront so you know that you’re engaging a service that is affordable and transparent.

Let Mildura Lawn & Garden Care help you create and maintain a garden that you love. Contact us today to discuss your gardening needs and receive a free, no-obligation quote. We look forward to nurturing your garden to its full potential!

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